The London office of W2O opened in 2009, creating a base of operations for the European market and beyond. Seven years later, we expanded into Zurich, the home of some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. Today, as we announce the evolution of W2O into Real Chemistry, a go-to partner to help healthcare companies deliver solutions from bench to bed, our European team numbers over 250 employees working together to help make the world a healthier place.

It’s vital we continue to operate globally. The biggest lesson from the COVID-19 pandemic is that no one country can win alone. This moment calls for collaboration, not competition. Only together, by encouraging vaccine confidence, can we eradicate a virus that has dramatically impacted our lives and our societies. As we have seen the virus evolve, so must we, learning from one another and building upon each other’s success.

Sitting in London, our diverse team members bring their different experiences, knowledge, and cultures together to deliver real results. It’s an alchemy of expertise and backgrounds that, together with our data and technology investments, combines and elevates us to achieve greater things than we could do on our own.

"It’s vital we continue to operate globally. The biggest lesson from the COVID-19 pandemic is that no one country can win alone."

The solutions we deliver to our clients often need to be activated across multiple countries. This demands that the core creative can be understood by a wider group of people and can help educate or drive behaviour change effectively.

For Ipsen, we have worked on several global awareness campaigns over the years, partnering with patient advocacy groups to educate about rare diseases and quality of life factors associated with various types of cancer. Packaging up our campaign to other markets allowed those markets to benefit from its relevant insights and results without having to take on the heavy lift of launching a separate campaign. Our most recent campaigns are activated in over 15 countries across the world.

We’ve worked with the AstraZeneca global team, supporting them to develop creative and omnichannel campaigns to drive towards better asthma behaviour and management. This involved developing truly global campaigns, as well as supporting markets in localisation and adaptation. The work that our partnership produced in 2020 ran across 18+ countries in partnership with 32+ patient groups and bodies, and has already been recognised by the industry as award-winning.

For Novartis, we partner with the EMEA Novartis Gene Therapies team on corporate and product communications; as the work we do is surrounding an extremely innovative therapy area, the media coverage and interest we garner is often global, regularly connecting us with the global Novartis Gene Therapies team based in Chicago. Our work comprises of many internal and external communications with a focus on value and access messaging, disease and gene therapy education as well as proactive media engagement around milestones in data and regulatory decisions.

These global opportunities give us a deep understanding of what works and what needs to be adapted in different markets. Paired with our data analytics and tech-enablement, we connect dots that others simply can’t to create impact for our clients, healthcare professionals, patients, and communities worldwide.

The forces that are transforming the entire health experience mean that patients and health-focused businesses will need to completely rethink care, treatment, and wellbeing. They will need a new kind of global partner — a business partner with deep and global capabilities in areas such as advanced data management, signal detection and context sensing, ML/AI decisioning, behavioral engagement, applied design, creative and content agility, and channel and touchpoint optimization. That partner is Real Chemistry.

We’re here to show up and shape the future – to make the world a healthier place for all – wherever we may need to be in order to make it happen.