The Future is Collaboration, Not Competition.

Real Chemistry is built on an ethos of entrepreneurship, staying fluid, and doing the right thing. Over the last 20 years, the company has delivered sustained growth while remaining fiercely independent. Today, the company is an alchemical mix of 1,600 people and hundreds of clients and partners, working from bench to bedside to make the world a healthier place for all.

A unified global health innovation company, Real Chemistry blends award-winning expert services, all powered by proprietary data and technology to deliver comprehensive health solutions for the challenges facing healthcare companies today.

We offer unmatched depth and breadth of expert services, to give our partners an unfair advantage in the market:


Through a mixture of novel data multi-disciplinary analysts, we help you identify the right audience, the right content, the right language, the right channels and the right time to deliver your message and achieve key business objectives.


Our process starts by gaining insights into the brand’s category, competition and target audiences. By aligning business objectives to defined opportunities, a foundational strategy is developed, followed by creating a visual, verbal, and total brand experience in order to win hearts and change minds.

Market Access

We partner closely with clients to navigate the ever-evolving value-based healthcare world—through the lens of healthcare systems(s)—to ensure there is a place in therapy for HCPs and a path to improve outcomes for patients.

Medical Communications

Our team of medical strategists work across the healthcare value chain to simplify complex science and bring it to life through compelling and clinically-relevant messages.

Patient Community Engagement

Our approach to patient engagement unlocks the power of compelling real-life stories, infusing their voices in everything from speaker programs and congresses to websites and social media.

Integrated Communications

Built on our heritage in healthcare communications, we use our insights to create a powerful modern approach to educate, connect, and engage audiences such as patients, advocates, media, influencers, employees, investors, consumers, potential partners, policy makers, and medical professionals to a company, a scientific platform, a clinical candidate, or a brand.


The combination of unspoken human insights and behavior-changing creativity to connect to what makes the audience tick.


Leveraging our proprietary data and technology to develop paid, earned, shared, and owned (PESO) media plans geared toward reaching your target audience and achieving key business goals.

Performance Marketing

Our performance marketing engine merges the art of creative storytelling with the one-to-one connection made possible through CRM, with PESO activation to deliver return on investment for clients.