Create the High-Definition Enterprise

With the consumerization of healthcare, digital health as the center of gravity and disease interception as the next frontier, healthcare and life sciences companies need a smarter way to make decisions.

One that enables them to anticipate and respond to change.

Real Chemistry unites people, processes, technology and data to create augmented intelligence tools and insights-as-a-service solutions that empower our clients to make optimal decisions quicker, with less risk.

Shape the Future

Whether finding those suffering from a rare condition, identifying physicians that could benefit from increased education on disease states, or empowering patients to take an active role in their treatment journey, clients use our intuitive products, software enabled services, and curated data streams to uncover what’s next and why.

Makes Sense of the Data Deluge

Real Chemistry transforms noisy, unstructured, and unconnected data into smart insights to unlock hidden potential in your product portfolio, improve your product launches, and accelerate your innovation agenda.

Real World Data

Real world data is the cornerstone of discovering the patient treatment journey and includes anonymized medical claims, electronic health records, and clinical study data.

Consumer Behavior Data

Consumer behavior data provide deep insights into social determinants of health, including lifestyle, healthcare accessibility, as well as media and technology habits.

Social Media Data

Social media data is used to uncover how audiences think about healthcare, the conversations they have, and how information flows from opinion influencers to HCPs to consumers.

Digital Footprint Data

Internet data sources, such as search, clickstream, and programmatic data are used to determine where target audiences are likely to source, consume and activate information.

Alternative Data

Open source or syndicated data such as directories, research grants, publication, conference, rating, and reviews are utilized to enrich and round-out analysis.