Holistic Commercial Solutions Delivering Better Experiences and Outcomes

Rooted in science, we build commercial strategies from the ground up – with optionality as a core driver, creating the best possible corporate and asset valuation. Through our global lifecycle accelerator service model, we configure a broad range of best-in-class solutions for flexible, complete service configurations that meet clients’ holistic commercial needs as they bring a treatment or therapy to market. Our integrated capabilities uniquely solve complex commercial problems that clients cannot solve with legacy practices.

Expertise Areas

  • Commercial
  • Science/Medical
  • Strategy
  • Analytics

Services & Capabilities

  • Market Assessment
  • Scientific Strategy
  • Brand Strategy
  • Media/Channel Analysis
  • PR/Comms Strategy
  • Payer Strategy
  • Brand Narrative
  • Audience Insight
  • Influence Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Digital Acumen
  • Launch Excellence

We deploy all of our expertise and capabilities in a bespoke, turnkey model that simplifies talent deployment and maximizes focus on rapid results. By utilizing proprietary data tools, Real Chemistry’s model combines strategy and execution to identify critical decision points, align on the right solutions, and speed the commercial journey. We enable clients to implement critical commercial processes earlier in a lifecycle by eliminating risk and making costs predictable.

We build an unfair market advantage for our partners

Through optionality and access to a complete suite of services that complement or replace internal functions, our global commercial accelerator service model provides better brand experiences, improved results, and faster outcomes. 

Our scalable commercial solutions close the growing gap between R&D costs and ROI by:

  • Replacing the time-intensity of internal building and scaling with a turnkey solution
  • Aligning solutions to the risk profiles of early-stage pipelines/innovations
  • Deploying ready expertise in leapfrog innovations that are rare and prohibitive for clients to acquire themselves