Advanced Clinical Solutions Powered by Behavioral Science

At Hū, our solution to driving increased trial participation is focused on building deep insights on patient populations. By understanding a patient’s disease journey in their natural environment, we can go beyond their medical diagnosis to get clear patterns in their motivations, preferences, and what triggers patients to make healthcare decisions.

From study design and planning through patient recruitment and retention, our human-centered clinical solutions determine the behavioral strategies that enable and support patient triggers and activation, resulting in improved cost, quality and speed of program and trial delivery.

Optimizing Study Design and Delivery Through the Patient Lens

At Hū, we figure out who your target patients are and what motivates them, design study elements that will be attractive to them, and execute with communication and messaging that drives a call to action around enrolling in your trial.

What Makes Us Different

Through a combination of proprietary data, analytics and technologies, Hū brings an innovative approach to clinical trial study design and delivery.

The Hū Behavioral Science Method

A proven and powerful method for driving people towards action and activation. We leverage advanced behavioral science strategies to analyze patient behavior enabling scalable approaches to patient engagement. The result is more attractive study designs and recruitment strategies that resonate and increase patient commitment.

The Hū Clinical Trial Propensity Model

A powerful modeling tool that enables us to measure interest and identify which patients are more likely to participate in your trial, inclusive of ethnic and demographic characteristics.

The Hū Persona 360

Using multiple data sources—RWD & healthcare data, social data, demographic & consumer data, and direct to patient data—to stitch together a complete view of a patient’s medical and behavioral personas, we’re able to generate actionable strategies to engage ideal participants.

Delivering Trial Acceleration through Patient Activation

  • Gain actionable patient insights in half the time compared to traditional methods
  • Expand outreach into representative patient groups by an additional 20%
  • Achieve 2-3x higher digital activation rate