We are seeing a radical transformation occurring in healthcare – with consumerization, personalization, and digitization trends driving new patient and healthcare provider behavior. As communicators, we have seen these changes accelerated beyond anything we would have imagined, as we have faced challenges posed by COVID-19 and the social justice movement.

The pandemic and the social justice movement have each uniquely reinforced the fact that there is both great power and great responsibility in the art of communications. At W2O, that’s our heritage. It’s who we are, where we come from. We started as a communications firm solely focused on healthcare, and as our industry has evolved and changed to be increasingly digital, so have we – integrating more data and analytics to provide our clients with insights to help them make the most informed decisions.

"Good health communications plays a critical role in making the world a healthier place."

Keeping pace with industry changes and serving as a driving force for their wide scale impact has now culminated in the next step in our growth and evolution with our transition to become Real Chemistry, a global health innovation company. The health ecosystem of the future will be patient-centric, outcomes-oriented, and digitally connected. Data, analytics and tech-enablement will be key to creating real chemistry with patients and healthcare providers. To that end, our goal is to offer our clients a myriad of services and technologies, encompassing clinical, commercial, and corporate solutions.

We have a new name and identity in Real Chemistry, but what hasn’t changed is our focus on and commitment to fortifying a modern Integrated Communications approach. In the Real Chemistry Integrated Communications group, we will bring our vision to life by showing that good health communications plays a critical role in making the world a healthier place.

We will continue to create communications with understanding and empathy, and our strategy will continue to follow three central themes: Fostering Communities, Building Credibility, and Capturing Audiences.

Fostering Communities

Patients are at the center of everything we do. When we look at stakeholders and the community we are speaking with, we take an approach that addresses the importance of each of them – our people, our employees, and the broader community – as they relate to the patients we serve. 

With the increasing digitization of healthcare, it’s important to trust in the data and use analytics to understand how audiences evolve as the world around us continues to change. Analytics allows us to understand what is important to a diverse audience, what content they are engaging with, and where they are going for credible information. Analytics translates to understanding our audiences as real people. To guide our clients in authentic communications, agility is needed.

Building Credibility 

Credibility has always been central to messages we share with our stakeholders and clients. During the pandemic, and particularly around the focus on increasing COVID-19 vaccine confidence, we have seen competing organizations come together to make sure information is not only credible, but is being communicated effectively. 

In all our communications, we rely on science to make sure the right information is being communicated and authentic messages of the very real lived experiences of our people, our clients, and the patients they serve are being shared. 

The pandemic has shown us that, if our institutions are called into question, we as communicators need to rely even more on earned media that’s credible, thoughtful, and digs deep into stories. We must bring a diverse range of voices into conversations – across communities, across industries and across groups of people – to be relevant and resonate with audiences. 

Capturing Audiences 

Being agile and flexible has always been important in the way we communicate with patients and other stakeholders. During the pandemic, we have recognized that, as communicators, we must use a human eye on everything that is being shared, constantly refreshing the data to look at awareness, engagement and reception of messages. 

The digital world allows us to monitor audience behaviors and information consumption in real-time, and the pandemic has kept us agile with our responses. What we put out there is critical. As communicators, we have the power to share information across vast communities and audiences, but we also have a responsibility to ensure we are providing our stakeholders with credible and authentic narratives. 

As W2O transforms into Real Chemistry, as we innovate and integrate across our wide range of capabilities and solutions, Integrated Communications services will continue to form a central role in how we make the world a healthier place. For all.