A silver lining from the COVID-19 global pandemic is the rapid acceleration of digital health and telemedicine. In early 2021, Real Chemistry set out to better understand the impact of this digital transformation in healthcare, surveying 1,000 patients and 500 physicians across specialties, and conducting qualitative interviews of senior leaders from biopharmaceutical companies. 

The findings show important shifts in both doctor and patient behavior that deserve new approaches by biopharmaceutical companies. Doctors are more broadly online in their professional and personal life — reaching doctors in the right place with the right message is more complex today than ever before. Companies wanting to be better connected with physicians to improve healthcare will need to use technology and digital approaches that provide advantages in diagnostics, treatment, and monitoring. It is also critical to help empower patients, as they are more active in their ongoing monitoring of disease and seeking new ways to engage within the healthcare system.Those companies seeking to be patient centric must connect, educate and empower patients through ongoing dialogue and direct to consumer attitude and capabilities.

5 things to know about the rapid acceleration of digital health